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Marni Melrose

Technical & Educational Director
I started out in 2002 teaching people how to use Apple Macintosh computers. In 2004 I specialized in implementing & training people on Daylite. In 2012 I moved to Citrix Podio. In 2015 I took a break from training and started doing digital marketing. Today I've come full circle and train and implement on a full 360 customer experience platform of ManyChat and FreshWorks. I've learned a lot and I love to share what I have learned in the academy



September 2019 - ManyChat is Named One of 20 Rising Stars on Forbes Cloud 100 List


October 2019 - We just became the 1st Preferred Solution Partner in the United States for FreshWorks!
November 2019 - Gartner names FreshWorks the 2nd fastest growing CRM in the world. 


Excellent facilitator, excellent guide into new apps and programs to help organize my companies, a very facile mind combined with a lovely attitude make working with Marni a joy and a stimulating pleasure . She rocks , in other words.
James Chambers
Today's technology is so AMAZING! Tools like Active Campaign can help create more time in our day, and generate more money into our bank accounts - BUT - only if we understand how to use it - and we actually use it. There's nothing worse than setting up something wrong or not understanding why something isn't working. Grrrrrrr.... Those little GOTCHAs are a productivity and motivation killer. I'd just launched Kajabi when I saw that Marni had created a course that showed how these two programs work best together. 

Marni is an excellent teacher! I love how she goes step-by-step through the setup process - and how she explains WHY that decision is important. She's clear. Not too fast. Not too slow. The information is broken into bite sized chunks so you can stop when you need to. I've been watching the video, implementing, then watching the next video. Works like a charm! Saved me a ton of headaches. And I appreciate how affordable it is. Thank you Marni!
Adrianne Machina
Marni gave me much more than I expected! She not only helped me to achieve my goal but gave extra value in the form of a tool that will help me and my clients. Thanks Marni!
Jennifer Diehl